Post Implementation Analysis

The post-implementation analysis in a project system’s life cycle encompasses a number of processes that are critical for a system’s success.

Consequently, the factors that influence the process of system implemented would also have a significant effect on both organizational performances and user perceptions about the system after its implementation and continued use in an organization, that is, during its post-implementation stage.

Following the implementation of the system, an organization would engage in a number of activities in order to insurance the management that the anticipated tangible and intangible benefits are aimed as well as that the implementation of the new environments and processes are in accord with the real business requirements and they are continued to improve. Also the post implementation analysis is able to provide to the management findings for future directions. Keep the momentum it’s a driver that contribute to successful post implementations life cycle.

Audit Department is offering you to identify important factors and utilizes a qualitative research approach in validating their potential importance in successful post system implementations based on methodology and case study. The main typical areas in creating value can be described by the following main topics. These will be the starting point of our assessment.

  • Measure implementation benefit, weaknesses, and gaps
  • Provide actionable recommendations to improve the new process/environments
  • Incident and problem management
  • Release management and Regression Test
  • Establish Key Performance Indicator that can be measured the quality on the new system
  • End users training assessment
  • Quick win and next steps
  • Knowledge and documentation management
  • Third party management
  • Survey & Key Learning’s

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