Areas of Expertise

For each of the following areas, Audit Department can provide you with specialists who have gained years and years of experience at professional level. We can provide you with examples, references and building blocks. Our service offerings can be tailored to meet your individual business requirements.

  • Risk and Compliance Assessments

Audit Department will assist you in implementing a fully operational risk management and can assist you in measuring the effectiveness and efficiency of already established risk management processes. We also offer to look into the policies you have set within your company and to assess the level of adherence to it.

  • Project Management

Only about one-third of all projects are complete success. The difference between success and failure is spotting the critical early warning signs that a project is in trouble. We are experienced in spotting these signs, turning projects around and ensuring your value add.
Furthermore, considering our independence, we are offering you our approach to Post Implementation Reviews. Assessing the value delivered the effectiveness of your project management methodology and providing you with insights and learnings.

  • Maturity Level Assessment

Audit Department has established guides for the assessment of various process disciplines which we offer to apply at your company level. A maturity model can be applied by Audit Department to identify the level at which an enterprise’s practices lie and to set target levels for achievement.

  • Service Management Reviews

Based on the ITIL framework, we can provide independent assessments of your Incident, Problem, Change, Release and Deployment, Configuration and Service Level Management processes from cradle to grave. We are ready to assist you in ITIL version 2 and 3 implementations and can also help you migrating upwards.

  • Performance Management Reviews

Performance Management is about arranging the conditions of the workplace for individual, group, unit, division, regional, and corporate success. Management requires that systems, processes and structures are arranged carefully to support the necessary direction. As part of our service offering, Audit Department will evaluate your systems processes and structures with a risk based approach addressing mainly the areas of “Setting and agreeing Targets and Objectives”, “Development of Targets and Objectives” and “Monitoring Performances with meaningful KPIs”. Audit Department will assist you with our report, recommendations and potential improvement activities.

  • Asset Management Review

Our Asset Management theme will review the impact on the overall risk exposure as well as existing financial exposure to our clients from Asset Management related risks. We will also identify and disseminate best practices in co-operation with our clients Asset Management teams. Our review will cover all key aspects of the Asset Management Lifecycle and evaluate the adequacy of policies, guidance and procedures

  • Business Intelligence Services

Following latest Gartner studies, more than 35 percent of the top 5000 global companies will regularly fail to make insightful decisions about significant changes in their business and markets because of lack of information, processes, and tools, through 2012. Audit Department can provide you with the necessary analytics whether your processes operate effectively and can assist you in the evaluation process for the right toolset to interface with your core business applications.

  • IT Security

Audit Department can assist you in establishing a comprehensive IT Security Framework for your business. Once your IT Security processes, policies and procedures are established, our Audit Managers can assess and measure the effectiveness and the efficiency of your IT Security processes.

  • Governance Efficiency Assessment

We offer you the assessment of your Governance processes to understand the current level of efficiency and to provide you with recommendations where and how your company might be able to improve the ability to create value out of their investment. Our work is based on the industry best practice Val IT. Audit Department can help you selecting, implementing and improving your approach.

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