Project Management Rescue

Only about one-third of all projects are complete success. The difference between success and failure is spotting the critical early warning signs that a project is in trouble. We are experienced in spotting these signs, turning projects around and ensuring your value add.

In particular large scale, complex or high-risk projects are the most likely victims.

Don’t recognise the symptoms of failure early enough or don’t have build recovery or contingency plans are the main reasons of failing project.
Project Rescue is an independent business and project management practice that specializes in clarifying complex business issues; planning the means of their improvement and fixing projects that threaten failure. Project Rescue drives rapid recovery action to turnaround the expected outcome of a project.

Audit department can help you to be sure that the project will success and each potential fail reason will be removed; the strong IT Project Management experience of Audit Department team was achieved by managing projects and leading teams through complete project lifecycles using a PMI approach.

The key objectives of Project rescue are to:

  • Project Assessment and Governance
  • Establish and Maintain risk matrix
  • Facilitation of Recovery/Termination Decision
  • Recovery Phase
  • Termination Phase
  • Troubled Project Process

Furthermore, considering our independence, we are offering you our approach to Post Implementation Analysis. Assessing the value delivered the effectiveness of your project management methodology and providing you with insights and learnings.

Our Country offices in London, Hamburg and Milan will be looking forward to your individual requests and can help you in defining the ideal package for your individual requirements.

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