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Following latest Gartner studies, more than 35 percent of the top 5000 global companies will regularly fail to make insightful decisions about significant changes in their business and markets because of lack of information, processes, and tools, through 2012. Audit Department can provide you with the necessary analytics whether your processes operate effectively and can assist you in the evaluation process for the right toolset to interface with your core business applications.

It is often difficult to provide a positive business case for Business Intelligence (BI) initiatives and often the projects will need to be prioritized through strategic initiatives. Audit Department can help you addressing the benefits of BI projects by ensuring a full life cycle project approach towards a steady state solution. From our experience at a few multinational customers, following factors affect the decision making process of a BI implementation:

  1. Reporting and Analysis Tools
    1. Features and functionality
    2. Scalability and deploy ability
    3. Usability and manageability
    4. Ability to customise
  2. Databases
    1. Scalability and performance
    2. Manageability and availability
    3. Security and customisation
    4. Ability to Write back
  3. Middleware Tools
    1. Ability to read any source
    2. Efficiency and productivity
    3. Cross platform support
  4. Costs involved
    1. Hardware costs (actual or opportunity)
    2. Costs of software (ETL, databases, applications and front-end)
    3. Internal development costs
    4. External developments costs
    5. Internal training
    6. Ongoing maintenance
  5. Benefits
    1. Time savings and operational efficiencies
    2. Lower cost of operations
    3. Improved customer service and satisfaction
    4. Improved operational and strategic decision making
    5. Improved employee communications and satisfaction
    6. Improved knowledge sharing

Whilst Audit Department can assist you in all the above, our main added value for our customers derives out of our independent control of the critical success factors for an business intelligence implementation:

·         Business driven methodology & project management

·         Clear vision & planning

·         Committed management support & sponsorship

·         Data management & quality issues

·         Mapping the solutions to the user requirements

·         Performance considerations of the BI system

·         Robust & extensible framework


Our Country offices in London, Hamburg and Milan will be looking forward to your individual requests and can help you in defining the ideal package for your individual requirements.

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