Service Offerings

In each of our expertise areas, audit department is able to offer you individual solutions to address your specific requirements. Currently our standard service building blocks are described as

  • Performing Audit work

Providing you with experienced audit managers to perform end-to-end unit audit work for the agreed expertise area. This can include audit scoping, deskwork, fieldwork, sharing of best practices, recommendations, opinion forming and reporting.

  • Providing Audit Review Themes

Similar to the above but focussing on review themes across multiple units.

  • Training and establishment of training material for internal Audit Teams.

To address knowledge gaps you have identified within your team Audit Department can establish training material and offer dedicated training to audit managers and new starters.
For themes, reviews and audits we can provide you with individual and group training workshops and we offer to establish training material tailored for your company. In addition we can train your members of staff on the job whilst performing audits within your respected audit universe.

  • Facilitation of workshops and meetings

Experienced facilitators can run your workshops and meetings to add extra breathing space for your teams and to overcome internal conflict potential. We also offer online facilities to run your workshops and conferences across multiple locations.

  • Audit Guide Development

We can provide you with Audit Guides to address your annual audit themes and reviews. Our guides would be either written to your requirements and your audit methodology or would follow our best practice in accordance to international standards set by ISACA.

  • Talks, lectures and presentations

Invite us for speeches, talks lectures and presentations for any topic within our expertise areas.

  • Policy development and implementation

We can assist you in defining industry best practice policies, provide you with end-user training and help you implementing your policies across your company.

  • Service Level Agreements and Key Performance Indicators

Audit Department can assist you in establishing Service Level Agreements (SLA) and corresponding Key Performance Indicators (KPI) following the ITILv2/v3 methodology.

  • Case Studies

Audit Department can build dedicated case studies for you to simulate and test your individual Business Processes and to validate your in-house or out tasked feasibility studies.

We proudly offer you any combination of the above building blocks but are also flexible to discuss your dedicated requirements. Please contact your nearest Country offices in London, Hamburg and Milan.

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