Asset Management Review

Asset Management represents a significant investment and provides widespread business benefits throughout the organisation. It also presents significant commercial risks if not appropriately managed.

In order to address these risks Audit Department has instigated two Asset Management programmes for Hardware (HAM) and Software (SAM).  Our Asset Management theme will review the impact on the overall risk exposure as well as existing financial exposure to our clients from Asset Management related risks. We will also identify and disseminate best practices in co-operation with our clients Asset Management teams.

Our review will cover all key aspects of the Asset Management Lifecycle:

Evaluate the adequacy of policies, guidance and procedures related to hardware and software acquisition / licensing and protection against unauthorized software and compare our client company policies against similar policies and best practice.

Review the process and procedures used within our clients company to document software installed on personal computer desktops and reconcile those software installations to software licenses. This includes examining controls over any automated tools used to identify software installed on computer systems, the controls to ensure the integrity of that information, the process used to generate management reports from that data, and the reconciliation process.

Review software license documentation for a risk based sample of software installations.

Review process and procedures for disposal of software assets, including through disposal of businesses, outsourcing of processes and transfer of staff.

Main outcome of our assessment will be an evaluation of business benefits driven out of your asset management process:

  • Improved cost efficiency (reduction of waste & redundancy)
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Reduced under-licence exposure
  • Improved capacity planning & licensing/maintenance negotiations

Our Country offices in London, Hamburg and Milan will be looking forward to your individual requests and can help you in defining the ideal HAM and/or SAM package for your individual requirements.

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